poet of the invisible world

With her intuition, bravery and passion, Nina Vogel draws from the void the worlds that we glimpse in our dreams.

Blessed with strong intuition, Nina connects with those dreams that seek to come forth in the real world and, through the language of music, creates a gateway into substance. From this musical universe emerge the story, the characters and the décor which she designs and creates herself. An imaginary world comes to life, reflecting the deepest human aspirations. Her solo performances, both poetic and intense, blend song, puppets, costume-scenarios and dance. This trained lyric singer and actress was introduced to the art of puppeteering during an artists’ residency in Chile hosted by artist Natacha Belova — an unexpected revelation! What does Nina like best? “Breathing life into inanimate beings and creating other possible worlds,” confided the artist. The Toulouse-Lautrec marionette that earned her two scholarships of excellence from Université du Québec à Montréal is one such being that Nina brings to life.

Following Toulouse-Lautrec’s footsteps, Nina is creating the Anima series of animate sculptures featuring outstanding artists from the past which she will bring to life on stage. In the second half of 2019, Nina goes on tour between France and Canada, 'À la rencontre du coeur du monde' – a little big, crazy, puppet adventure - and introduces her new creation ConCordis, a one-by-one animation show at a time. An invitation to approach the other's heart and listen to yours. 

Nina Vogel is a magician, who creates art to reconnect us all with our inner child.   



Magali Balles

Thanks to Nina Vogel's partners:  Roberta Figue, the long-time photographer-partner @robertafigue , Rosana make-up for make-up and hair @rosanamakeup , Dayane Ros for the images and video editions www.dayaneros.com