rediscovering Lautrec


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A young artist finds the fragmented body of painter Toulouse-Lautrec. To give him life, she gives him his legs and arms. As the painter comes alive, he revisits his past, rediscovers his disability, recognizes his talent and sees the changes brought by the passage of time. This trio full of magic, delicacy and humor allows the public to explore the human and sweet side of the little painter with surprising tragicomic events.



The eyes that run through the brush strokes, the green pastel and the pencils on a cardboard paper, the raised legs that dance in a sudden movement of pencil ... Here we are in an exhibition of Toulouse-Lautrec, when we see a small presence that approaches the public, a living sculpture. A moment of magic, where the barriers of space-time disappear to allow the unimaginable meeting with the famous painter of Montmartre, in the middle of his works. Toulouse- Lautrec is in his own exhibition.

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An artist stuck alone, by chance, in an exhibition of the French painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901), ends up finding an unusual way to spend time until discovering the output: interact with the works and installations of the Museum. A real poetic, creative and fun delirium occurs, where fragments of illustrations, photographs, animated objects and puppets give life to the universe of this little genius, to his stories and three feminine icons of the world of the art: Jane Avril, The Goulue, Yvette Guilbert. Parallel stories that cross and have as a thread the incessant pursuit of these artists for freedom through art.



Nina Vogel dedicated five years of her life studying the life and work of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, concentrating on his circus drawings and his female friendships. Her research led her to São Paulo, Paris, Albi and finally to Santiago de Chile, where she created a puppet on the painter's human scale and tridimensionalized 12 of his drawings with characters from the circus to the scene. The result of this research is the creation of a triptych.

Research creation

Lambe-lambe Heart

A heart so big that surpasses the lines of the artist's body. She holds him wide open in her arms and invites the viewer to approach. Inside, a small inhabitant and unsuspected miniature universes reveal themselves in a journey to find what makes a heart beat.


ConCordis is an experience shared with only one viewer at a time. Nina Vogel creates the first Lambe-Lambe heart, a contemporary expression of the miniature animation theater invented in Brazil. This marionnetic experience without words, simply accompanied by music, invites to a sensory journey to the meeting of oneself.

An invitation to approach the other's heart and listen to yours, to tune and beat in unison, in harmony. ConCordis.


Creation and performance by Nina Vogel

Outside look: Irina Niculescu

Original soundtrack: John Lewandowski

New CReation




Discover some of the performances of Nina on stage.



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