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Mini-documentary on the creative process of the original contemporary puppet theater solo, created by the multi-artist Nina Vogel, based on Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf Concert for orchestra.

In more than 26 languages ​​around the world, the word "anima" means breath of life, the soul. Anima is also the small piece that connects the top (front part) and the bottom of the string instruments. It's the breath that allows the production of sound and voice among others, and it is the same breath of life that a puppeteer artist generously lends to an object, or a puppet character, to animate it.

Co-produced in partnership with FRONTERA FILMS Productions, this mini-documentary followed the work from the conception, from the drawings, through 3 workshops of different artists: the automaton mechanism builder, the luthiers and the seamstress. The last stage recorded in the emblematic Sala São Paulo, on stage, during the final rehearsal.

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