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ConCordis - the Heart

What makes a heart beat?


In 2019, Nina's heart, eager to embrace the world, came out of her chest and was transformed into a miniature Lambe-Lambe theater, this very generous and intimate form of miniature theater, for a single spectator, originally created in Brazil.


ConCordis debuted in Montreal, and curiously instead of the streets, it conquered the world through the screens, because of the pandemic. This experience without words, simply accompanied by music, invites the viewer on a sensory and silent journey. Getting closer to the heart of the other to listen to one's own heart. Tune and beat in unison, in harmony. ConCordis.


ConCordis also took place in a triptych: the live Lambe-Lambe show, the online adaptation (live) and the short stop motion. ConCordis has been featured over 150 times online, for over 20 countries. Its stop motion adaptation was awarded the Outstanding Work Award in the 2020 Chuncheon International Puppet Film Festival, South Korea.

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