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The São Paulo Symphony Orchestra (OSESP) invites Nina to play Peter and the Wolf as actOR-narrator and commissions an original version of the classic fable to her in contemporary puppet theatre. The premiere marks the return of live activities at Sala São Paulo (the largest Concert Hall in Latin America) in November 2021, after the end of the pandemic quarantine.
To succeed in performing alone a piece which normally requires the work of an entire theater company, the artist starts from the concept that all the characters in the piece share the same scenic space - the musical forest - represented here in the form of a "wearable": a costume-set, whose body is made up of violin parts custom designed and built for the show, brought to life through the movements of the puppeteer. The costume thus becomes the stage and also has large hidden pockets from which some characters from the fable also come out. The conception, design, creation and performance of this "wearable" are signed by Nina.


In São Paulo she plays with the musicians of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra and also of the OSESP Academy, under the direction of the Conductor Wagner Polistchuk

In October 2022, she toured Canada, invited by Theater Direct, Aluna Theater and also FirstOntario PAC, passing through Toronto and Niagara Falls accompanied by the Euphonia Ensemble, with 12 virtuosi musicians from Toronto.


In 2023 she will perform with other orchestras in Brazil and Europe.

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