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Nina Vogel is an award-winning international multi-artist who creates and performs her own authorial solos.

Her limitless inventiveness, expressed in her authorial solos of visual theater and contemporary animation theater, transits between different art forms ​​and has been presented in Brazil and in several countries around the world. Poet of the invisible, when inspiration whispers to her and reveals new fantastic worlds, she materializes them through her performances and creations.


DIRECTOR. An award-winning art director and stage director, in 2021, Vogel received the Lisa Simon Scholarship, from the renowned Art Institute at the O'Neill Theater Center in the USA, awarded to a director whose work is currently growing in the field of puppetry arts. In 2020, she was the director of ConCordis Lambe-Lambe MOTION - a stop motion short film adapted from her miniature theater show - awarded the Outstanding Work Award at the International Film and Puppet Theatre Festival in South Korea. Between 2021 and 2022, she directed more than 30 Lambe-Lambe theater shows (short miniature forms), by artists from the United States and Canada. She was also the art director of ANIMA, a minidocumentary made in partnership with FRONTERA Films in 2021. In addition to the conception, creation and performance of her authorial solos, she frequently self-directs in many of them.

PUPPETEER. It was in this identity that Nina found the space and freedom to create connections between the performing artist and the visual artist, between the singer and the director. Since then, she has never stopped animating other beings and objects, playing of being inhabited by different beings and sharing the scene with them. In 2017, she won two scholarships for a Master at UQÀM (Université du Québec à Montréal), in Contemporary Animation Theatre.

ACTOR. Actor by training, with a bachelor's degree in theater from Escola Superior de Artes Célia Helena (2012), she acted for more than a decade in numerous plays, commercials, films, and short films in the city of São Paulo. Today she performs in her own authorial solos and in Operas, Concerts when invited. In 2022, she acted as a narrator actress in the world première of the Cantata Cênica for Choir and Orchestra Jonathan Livinston Seagull along with Ouro Preto Orchestra, in Belo Horizonte and at the Riachuelo Theatre in Rio de Janeiro.

COSTUME DESIGNER. Passionate about bold shapes, fabrics, textures and colors, Vogel designs and builds the costumes and wearables she wears in her performances in a self-taught way.  In her authorial creations, the expanded costumes are frequently the setting, the scene and characters of the stories, such as in her Peter and the Wolf. She has been recognized for her design skills and was selected to perform at the 2023 Prague Quadrennial at the Rare perfomances session.

SINGER. Nina Vogel has more than 15 of formal training in lyric singing, between Brazil, France and the United States. Nina performed on stages in Brazil, the United States, France and Canada. Today, singing and voice are integrated into her performances and authorial shows of visual and animation theater.

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