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The Muse's Literary Pills

It is said that great writers and poets can hear the Muse and translate her whispers of inspiration into words. In a world where we have a pill for almost every illness of the body, art functions as medicine for the soul. But what if we could also turn the words of some of these all-time great writers into pills, via a direct channel of communication with the Muse?


In her new performance as an author, the multi-artist Nina Vogel invites us to summon the Muse of inspiration, in an ode to words: a costume created from cut-out texts, in a collage of words, sewing together different languages and textures. Through short individual presentations, the artist invites the public to contact the Muse and receive a literary pill with a message from one of the great women and men writers.


What message will the Muse have for you?

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